Wednesday, May 11, 2011

One Month Until the Great Race: Stingray as a Daily Driver?

One month until the Great Race...
I can't believe how fast these past five months have gone.  Seems like Dad and I decided to do the Great Race yesterday and here we are, one month until the race, three weeks until we leave for Tennessee.  My excitement is building by the minute and I can't wait to get on the road and start the trip.

I had a few chores to do on my day off from work, one of which had something to do with the Great Race.  So, I left the keys to the station wagon at home and opted to make the Stingray my daily driver for the day.  Here's a quick picture I took in the garage while warming the car up.

First order of business was to head to downtown Stroudsburg to pick up a camera case. Mine was falling apart since six years of hard use, and after almost loosing my camera to the case falling off at the NY auto show, it was time for a replacement.  No, I didn't stop at the liquor store.  I've got about five more months to wait until I can do that in this country.  I thought it made for an interesting picture though.

Second item on the list was to stop by Duckloe Brothers to photograph our donation to the 4th Annual Auction for Autism (which is being organized by fellow Great Racers Pat and Pat Brothers) before Dad ships it out later this week.  I wanted to take some more pictures of the car, so I took Route 611 South (which follows the Delaware River) to Duckloe Bros.  It was a beautiful day for a drive.  611 was relatively empty and I found an empty scenic overlook parking lot to take pictures in.

Here are some pictures of the chair.  It came out really well.  The detail work on the logo is incredible.

Last thing I had to do was stop at the Stingray's favorite watering hole to refuel.  $40 worth of 93 octane didn't even fill up the tank (I pulled in with about 1/8 of the tank left).  Hopefully gas prices will drop a little before the end of the month.

I wanted to have a little bit of a longer drive but I was stung by a wasp while getting in the car to leave Duckloe Bros.  That killed my driving mood to say the least so I just opted to head right home instead.  I lost track of the number of thumbs up and favorable comments that the car got while I was driving.  It always attracts a lot of attention wherever I drive it.  Even the elderly woman working at the gas station said "Nice 'vette? Is that a '63?".  I love driving it.  It would make a fantastic daily driver, and I'm sure many people used C2 Corvettes as their daily driver when new.  It's a very thirsty car and it's a hassle to parallel park.  Other than that, it's great.

On Sunday I'll be driving the Stingray in a road rally (well, more of a leisurely drive) organized by the parent's association of my old high school. I'll try to get one of my high school classmates to ride shotgun since my parents and sister will be leaving for Canada tomorrow.  It should be a good time.

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