Tuesday, May 17, 2011

25 Days Until the Great Race: The 1st Annual Moravian Academy Exotic/Classic Car Rally!

On Sunday I took the Corvette to my high school's first annual (we had so much fun that everyone decided that it will happen again next year) exotic/classic car road rally.  Dad is still in Canada so I took one of my car-savy high school friends, Alex, to act as navigator in Dad's absence.

As you can see from the pictures, it was a little wet so we only managed to get a total of five cars to come out.  It stopped raining right as we arrived, so Alex and I opted to put the top down and gamble with mother nature and the impending storms.  Luckily, it didn't rain at all!

The rules were a little different from those of the Great Race.  We were all given a list of directions and and given an hour and thirty-five minutes to complete the rally.  To make sure that we followed the route, there were questions about various landmarks along the way.  Points were awarded for answering questions correctly and for finishing on time or slower (not faster) than the given time.  Points were also awarded for placement after the hour and thirty five minutes.  We were the second to last car to leave and the rally I figured it was a bad sign when we both missed the fifth turn because we didn't see it.  But, we got back on track and managed to get through five questions and a page and a bit of directions.  I was feeling good about how we were doing.

However, we got lost for good when we started to second guess ourselves about if we had missed a turn or not and then our rally was done for.  We were travelling south on Route 611 and were instructed to turn right onto Churchill road.  After continuing on 611 for a three or four miles and not finding the road, we thought that we missed it.  So, we started to back track and decided to make that right onto CHURCH road instead of CHURCHILL, assuming that there might have been a typo (we saw another lost car a few steps earlier).  Obviously from that point on, we were completely lost when we couldn't pick up the directions again and ran into a few dead ends.  We squandered our remaining 45 minutes or so trying to get back to where we knew we were going when we looked at the clock and realized we had five minutes before we were supposed to be crossing the finish line.  We figured everyone else would be back by the time we arrived so we decided to put the pedal to the metal, hop on the interstate and go straight to the finish and guess the rest of the questions.  We arrived third to the finish but since we had decided to skip the questions, we ended up in dead last.   

Here's a picture of the group right before the start.  Kevin, (another one of my high school classmates) and his father Stuart, won the rally in their white 2011 Audi R8 V10.

Alex and I definitely got lost the worst out of the group but I think we also had the most fun!  We did learn several things about rallying (and following directions) so hopefully I can bring what I learned into use from this rally in early June.

Dad and I will be taking our '57 Corvette to the Wind Gap car show this weekend.  The next time we'll have the Stingray our for a show will be at Pocono-CSD on the 29th.  If I remember correctly, Dad said it's going in for service sometime next week for a pre-rally check up.

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