Sunday, May 1, 2011

41 Days Until the Great Race: Joan's Corvette Hits!!!

After driving the Stingray back to F&M with Dad, I submitted a picture of the car and Old Main that I put on last week's blog to the website:  It's an automotive pornography (don't worry, it's all rated G) website that I frequent which posts pictures of cars.  The website refreshes itself every few hours and you can view the picture right now on page two.  I'm glad to see that it made the cut.  However, it's caption "Study hard and get rewarded" wasn't exactly what I submitted the caption as ("Study hard, invest wisely).

Anyways, I have a few papers to write and a final exam to take and I should be home for the summer on Sunday.  Dad and I will finally get some quality time in the car and start working on the intricacies of rallying!

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