Saturday, June 4, 2011

One Week Until The Great Race: Why Men Leave Home.

One week until the Great Race.  Boy, time flies when you're having fun.  Or rather, time flies when you're at college.

Today is our last day at home before we hit the road.  Tomorrow we travel from Stroudsburg down and across Pennsylvania and West Virginia.  We'll stop near Lexington, KY to get ourselves a hotel for the night.  It'll be a lot of driving but I'm looking forward to it.  Dad will start off driving tomorrow and we'll switch off every so often.  I feel like I'm always driving the car when we're driving together so I'm glad to ride shotgun for a little while.

I let my self sleep in a little today since I know that I'll be up bright and early tomorrow.  I finally dragged myself out of bed at around 10 to run an easy ten (miles).  I packed a little then I had work from 2-6.  I spent the rest of today cleaning my room, finishing up packing the car, and scarfing down half a pizza.

Dad did a fantastic job of packing the car.  Who knew that a 60's muscle car could be so practical!  My bag turned out to be a little heavier than I expected so I utilized the space we had and crammed my sunglasses and camera into the glove box and I'll stow my computer and some maps behind one of the seats.  I fooled around with some of the stuff Dad packed and managed to score us a few extra cubic feet of space as well.  He's still has to throw his bag in too before we set off.  The carpet in the car is original which is why we've got towels everywhere. 

I can't believe that we leave tomorrow.  It seems like only yesterday that Dad and I sent in our deposit.  I know that the Great Race and it's surrounding road trip will absolutely fly by and I'll try to treasure every moment.  

I wanted to conclude today's blog post with a classic Corvette ad.  

The last sentence of this advertisement reads "Let it sit idle on a Saturday afternoon, and you do it an injustice".  Next Saturday, Dad and I will embark upon the automotive journey of a lifetime.  The Great Race will begin at 9:30am and we will do the antithesis of  letting it sit idle.  We will drive it for one thousand five hundred and seventy five miles from Chattanooga, Tennessee to Bennington, Vermont.  These cars need to be driven.  What good is a car if you cannot drive it?  As an art history major, I understand the concept of the automobile as art.  There are dozens of cars that can be classified as art, but a car is not a canvas.  Anyways, I'm thrilled to be driving this car on the Great Race.  I've been looking forward to tomorrow for the last six months and I'm psyched to get on the road.

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  1. Greg,

    I am enjoying the read on your extravaganza. Happy Thanksgiving.