Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Three Days Until the Great Race: A Small Step Backwards

Well, I wish I could be writing this blog post from Chattanooga, but I'm not.

We set off from Nashville this morning and about thirty minutes into our drive the car started making a strange sound which was coming from the passenger side rear wheel.  I noticed the sound (I was driving at the time as well) and we pulled over to have a look at it.  We didn't see anything strange so we got back in the car and started off cautiously.  Everything was working just fine but we were still hearing said sound.  So, we pulled over into the parking lot of a baptist church and called AAA.  After waiting about 30 minutes, a rollback showed up and took us to a local Chevy dealer to figure out what was wrong.  The service manager said he was too busy to look at it now and that they'd try their best to get to it later.

After a short nap, we decided to make the most of our extra day in Nashville and check out Music Row, Union Station, Centennial Park, the area around Vanderbilt University and we went to dinner at a restaurant near by.  I didn't bring my camera with me so I didn't get any pictures.

Anyways, I got a call from the dealership later that is was simply an issue of loose bearings and that the car will be ready to go sometime tomorrow evening and we'll get to Chattanooga tomorrow night.  We're going to spend an additional night at my Aunt and Uncle's place and leave whenever the dealership gives us a call.  I'm happy that the car will be fine and I'm looking forward to finally starting the rally itself.

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