Sunday, June 5, 2011

Six Days Until the Great Race: ROAD TRIP!!!!!

This short clip from the classic film The Hangover summarizes our drive from Pennsylvania through Maryland and West Virginia to Kentucky.  Just replace "Vegas" with "Kentucky" and you can see how excited Dad was to finally get on the road.

Today was our first (and only) full day on the road.  Dad and I left just after 7am to head 606 miles southwest to Morehead, KY.  It was a easy drive and the car performed flawlessly.  It didn't miss a beat cruising for a few hours at 75 mph (speed limits in Kentucky and West Virginia are 70mph in most places) in 90 degree heat.

Here are some quick pictures to prove that we actually made it this far:

We both enjoyed today's drive.  Kentucky, West Virginia, and Maryland all have MUCH better roads than Pennsylvania so it made the drive pretty easy.  We had to stop for gas twice and calculated that were getting 15 miles to the gallon...which is probably good for 45 year old muscle car.

Tomorrow we'll head south to Bowling Green, KY to visit the Corvette Museum and Factory.  We went to Bowling Green as a family about 10 years ago however I don't remember much of it.  Both Dad and I have never had a factory tour either so we're excited to do that.  After that, we'll head down to Nashville to meet up with my aunt and uncle.

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